Some days are better than others..

Some days I love myself, I am a true superhero aka Dalai Lama, who always wear a smile and nothing can overthrow my good mood. Other days are lets put it nicely.. grey! aka black and thunderous.

But today are a good one. I have written a lot on my master thesis. I have run 5 km and my mood is gooood! Like singing and almost dancingly good.

So now is the time to recap what I have achieved in my almost 35 year old long life.

I have danced and sung with Maya Indians in Guatemala

I have picked oranges in Spain

I have snorkelled with a turtoise

I have slept over on a castaway island

I have white water rafted on the mighty Zambezi

I have seen the Victoria Falls

I have been in 7 african countries, love everyone of them.

I have a cool grandpa in Montana, who steaks the most amazing and big steaks, with boots and a cowboy hat.

I have walked the Great wall of China

I have experienced an earthquake in Indonesia, that actually did not kill anyone! Yeay!

I have been hung over on a plane over Ulaan Batoor (google it, will ya..)

I have lived on an island in the Indian sea

I have studied while in full job, with children and husband (masters degree soon in hand..)

I have read a lot of Buddhist books and love them!

I have visited over 25 countries

I have a steady job that I actually like

I have the most wonderful kid ever!

I have a very nice italian husband

I travel to Milan every christmas and summer

We live in a cool, small apartment that we owned,( the bank may disagree)

I have a strange, yet lovely family, still alive and kicking.

I am grateful to be alive!

There, that is the reason for this blog. The thankfulness and joy of beeing alive!Image