I LOVE to travel. I could probably do it weekly, to think if there is such a job that can take me to the world, just for a day or two, then I can go home again.. no biggie!

I love toarrive at airports and trainstations I’ve never been before, smile to an old man. Buying a local wheat bun with unexpected content. Strolling along a dusty road and suddenly reveals itself behind a bush. Be an adventurer and feel small in a big world. Have the courage enough to ask for directions, even though both the woman and I ask and myself is knowing that we do not understand each other’s language.

Lying on a beach, hiking in a jungle, boil a cup of local tea, buying vegetables at a market. Watch a sunset from a rooftop. Screaming in a cold shower, pack the bag and not knowing what really awaits.

The world is here (for now), important to be familiar with it and take care of it. Therefore, I also buy carbon credits. It’s the least I can do, when I first run off and leave plenty of fuel along the clouds.
“It’sa question of discipline, the Little Prince Told Me appears on. When you’ve finished washing and dressing Each morning, you must eating your planet.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry