That’s it. You have to get up in the morning with the intention that the day will be one of the happy ones. You have to work for pleasure and not sit and wait for someone to hand over happinesd. Take matters into your own and work for it yourself.

Francis of Assisi said something similar: to make a marriage happy is like running a farm. You have to start fresh every day.
and it applies not only marriage, but motherhood and farherhood also!

Do not expect that the world makes you happy, do the job yourself.

If we all have the intention that the world is a happy place to be at and that it is possible to be nice to strangers, give of ourselves, be available and happy – think how nice the world had become.

So what can we do that morning to have a touch of happiness and not just stress and chaos?

How to create a space for good conversation round the dinnertable and how to smile when 2yearold is as stubborn as only a 2yearold can be?

I believe a breather, at least for me. A breather with the mouth closed. Just sit there and enjoy breakfast, leave the idea of reaching that particular bus or train and let the minutes pass. Actually in africa the time does not run, it comes..

After breathing some seconds, I could mention three positive things that will happen that day and rejoice in it.

I can speak in a normal voice instead of raising it.
I can lower expectations and let the chaos absent by providing clothes the day before, set the clock for 5 min before, so I can stretch a few minutes before the 2yearold requires me to wake up.

I can try to stop time some moments when I would rather stress off to get to the kindergarten. I could enjoy the little hands in my while chugging off to kindergarten. We can stop and watch the stars if that whats the 2yearold wish to. What would we lose well if we pause a few seconds and le the heart breahte during the day?
Probably nothing in the world!

All are equal and everyone has the right to work for their own happiness (as long as you not do so at the expense of others)
(Quote: lovelivenow)