I think I have a kind of balance in how I view the world, sometimes I think it’s coming looking for me, other days I see the angel’s wing on everyone.

Not so easy always to be neutral and consider the world without the “spectacles”.

But I have a belief that the world acts back the way you behave towards it, and if you have a positive view of the world, it is more likely to get something good back.

When the shepherd boy in the alchemist says / thinks this sentence, he’s just come to Tangier and was being robbed by a peer, while a coffee-owner tries to warn him. The shepherd boy first of all do not understand because of language problems, but also because he chooses to see the peer as a friend and not as the thief he is. He did not think he would be robbed.

That’s probably the case with most of us. We see the world in a slightly different angle than what is actually reality. What the reality is I am not getting into, that will be taking all night to read, but I think we often get something nice back if we add the goodwill rather than if we are sour and believe that everyone is looking for us to keep us down.
-Sometimes they still will be coming after us, but when that happens; just smile!