I have just finished an exam now about social responsibility and ethics in business. Incredibly exciting and relevant today.
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I find it incredibly sad that we consume more of the world now than ever, and never has the wealth been more wrongly distributed. We are tiny rich people have too much of everything and also have so little respect that we make chaos over some butter .. How vulgar is not that we have access to most information, can afford personal trainers and can buy exactly what we want, but still get fattest?

For comparison, I know of families in Tanzania who earn only 50 dollars a month and they have many children. They are starving, but is far from the poorest in the world. They have a job, they have a small house with a roof, they live their lives as best they can.

Then you have all the refugees, those who are raped on a trip home from the well or on the run, those who see their mothers being shot down in front of their eyes, some already have HIV at birth. These will never be able to live like us, never!

It is up to us rich people to override this misguided ship called Earth in the right direction. The rainforest is cut down even if it is made laws and rules to avoid it. Factories pollute a lot, and much more than the permissible limits, why? Because they can, they pay someone to look the other way and presto;  we have a timber plant in the rainforest and the opium factory out in the countryside in Afghanistan.

Food production is indeed in the wrong field … eg poor little brother Mexico that produce soy on a large scale for import into the United States, so that the cows in the United States will get fatten up a little faster than if they ate the grass, so they can be harvested more quickly and the big guys can earn even more ..

Chickens living on grain production of soybean that is planted in the cut down rainforest, so they grow fat in 30 days in a dark room until they (often) are irresponsible killed and sold to us health-conscious Norwegians and others.


As a country we can claim better laws againts corruption, but politics gets in the way. So it is perhaps not all the way to go.
We earthlings as individuals must teach our children about ethics, what is right and what is wrong and what is terribly wrong. We must teach our children that the world is huge, and it is full of solutions for both cancer riddles and other puzzles, we can find the answer to most if we use the resources in the right way.

This our soil, we just need to get better at taking care of, it can go only one way and that is to come. So march out to save the world