I am 35 year old!
So what have I become?
I am the mother of the most special soon to be 4 year old in the world. She is amazing and my love for her is great.
I am in love with her father, a streetsmart and intelligent guy from Milan.
I have an interessting job that keeps me educated.
I am on my way to deliver my masters degree! Yeay!
I have been in 25 countries and are still counting. I wish I could travel more!
I try each day to become a better person.
I am satisfied, but still searching!

And you?



Yes! I did it. I ran 10 km straight without a break. The last km was even the fastest one. Horray!
I am so proud of myself. Next goal is 15 km..
How do you motivate yourself for exercise?
I have music and podcasts and I try to fool myself into running a bit faster and better each time.

Have a lovely weekend and reach your goals!

The holidays are over and its back to work and work outsm both in body and mind.
My goal is to run 21 km in september, Oslo marathon, so I better get my ass outside with my shoes on.
The holiday was celebrated on the lovely island of Hitra, a couple of hours with car from Trondheim. I had my daughter with me, and my sister and her family. We had fun, barbeques in the sun and even a blizzard, just like a normal winter/spring.

Today my girl and I are waiting for her dad to arrive back home after some days away. Will be nice to see him again. Tomorrow is our last day of, and I am going to use it with my running gear on 🙂

Have a very nice and mindfull sunday and stay sharp!



I did it! Happy happy happy. Next goal is 7 km:)
Last metres was soo hard, but I still came trough and out-conquered myself! Yeay!


So. Last ten min at the office made me go almost insane with anger and disapointment, so how do one overcome the anger?
Well, please do not do what I do. I bring the problem with me home and lash out on my family, not smart, not smart at all..

So now I sit quiet in a corner and try to stay calm and well behaved.

I try to breathe with my stomach and stay clam and together.
It helps!

What do you do when you are angry?

I know I am suppose to breathe it out and relax, but its hard. So I read some buddhist texts and shrugg my shoulders. For even I know that things passes and most anger are not helpful at all.

So “aum” to you and stay cool as a cucumber!


Today I ran instead of walked home from my job. 3.6 km in a less than good pace, but good enough. I am not Usain Bolt yet:)
I have learned that my brain works best if I trick it.. Telling myself that I can quit at ant time and I will not be disapointed if I fail/quit too early..
But then I urge myself to run a bit further and I listen to myself and here I am. Back home with a happier body:)
Maybe I even try to run home another day also..

How do you motivate yourself when running?

So whats new with you?
Today we have a winterstorm and the whole family are inside just looking out at the storm eating waffles:)
This week I almost reached a goal, running 5 km in 30 min. I only missed it by 17 seconds. Good job!
I have also got some new responsibilities at work. I have become leader of a new project, and I reallt like the challenge.

Other happy things this week is the summer house we have rented in Sardinia, with a pool and ocean view, yeay! Looking forward to summer, sun, italian food and time off!

Stay safe guys and stay happy, nothing good comes from beeing a sour ol’ face!

Enjoy the rain!


Some days are better than others..

Some days I love myself, I am a true superhero aka Dalai Lama, who always wear a smile and nothing can overthrow my good mood. Other days are lets put it nicely.. grey! aka black and thunderous.

But today are a good one. I have written a lot on my master thesis. I have run 5 km and my mood is gooood! Like singing and almost dancingly good.

So now is the time to recap what I have achieved in my almost 35 year old long life.

I have danced and sung with Maya Indians in Guatemala

I have picked oranges in Spain

I have snorkelled with a turtoise

I have slept over on a castaway island

I have white water rafted on the mighty Zambezi

I have seen the Victoria Falls

I have been in 7 african countries, love everyone of them.

I have a cool grandpa in Montana, who steaks the most amazing and big steaks, with boots and a cowboy hat.

I have walked the Great wall of China

I have experienced an earthquake in Indonesia, that actually did not kill anyone! Yeay!

I have been hung over on a plane over Ulaan Batoor (google it, will ya..)

I have lived on an island in the Indian sea

I have studied while in full job, with children and husband (masters degree soon in hand..)

I have read a lot of Buddhist books and love them!

I have visited over 25 countries

I have a steady job that I actually like

I have the most wonderful kid ever!

I have a very nice italian husband

I travel to Milan every christmas and summer

We live in a cool, small apartment that we owned,( the bank may disagree)

I have a strange, yet lovely family, still alive and kicking.

I am grateful to be alive!

There, that is the reason for this blog. The thankfulness and joy of beeing alive!Image

Morning to yah all!
This morning was actually my morning for sleeping in, but I jumped up and started the day with our 3 year old. Hubby still in bed!

We baked bananabread and made chocolate. This day better be good!
So here is a picture, in case you thought I was joking!

Yesterday I ran 4 km outside in the snow! No picture of that..

So to sum it up: I am becoming a better me and I like it!


I did really run today. I ran 4 km in half an hour, and got paid doing it.. Whats not to love? Well, I do not like running. Its boring and I want to finish after two minutes. I mean, come on, be done already. Its a bit more ok running outside, but since we have so much snow I have to run indoor most of the time.
I am actually going to run a half maraton in september and really need the training, but liking it? Well, I am not there quite.

Either way, good job rampongi!

I am good at running, I am a loving mum and I love chocolate! Theres my ego content also. Hurra!